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Salad Bowl Dog Snuffle Mat

Salad Bowl Dog Snuffle Mat

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Does your dog turn into a vacuum at mealtime, sucking up his meal in seconds? Or maybe he eats treats in a single gulp, without taking the time to enjoy them. Your pup will love nosing into this dog snuffle mat.

Mental & Physical Stimulation Solution : Is Your Dog Getting What They Need?

Keeping Spot busy is not only good for his happiness but also for his health too! Mental and physical stimulation is an important part of your doggo’s day-to-day routine, and it should be considered a vital need alongside food and health care.

Provide Mental Stimulation, Reduce Your Pooch’s Stress

It Betters your Dog’s Physical and Mental Health

If your dog is digging or chewing inappropriate items or if he’s running all over the house out of control, look at the mental side of the equation. A mentally stimulated dog is a tired dog and a tired dog is a calm dog. A calm dog is a happy dog, and that’s what we all want.

Your Puppy's Nose is Happy

Engage Your Dog’s Senses

In fact, the put-nose-in-stinky-stuff impulse has long meant pursuing a major in laundry bags, a passion for exploring the cracks between sofa cushions, or an insatiable interest in (let’s be honest) your crotch.

Force Your Dog to Eat Slowly

Force Your Dog to Eat Slowly

For dogs who eat too quickly, this Salad dog snuffle mat can force them to slow down a bit at chow time. Dogs took anywhere from about 5 to 25 minutes to find one serving of kibble hidden in a snuffle mat. 

Adjustable Size

Nature Felt Material

Easy to clean
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